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We invite you to visit a modern air-conditioned gym in Hotel Loft 1898. The gym is equipped with the finest fitness and cardio equipment including:

  • treadmill - safe jogging without going outside,
  • orbitrek - the elliptical trainer – engage whole body, without harming the joints,
  • stationary bike  - allows you to tone legs, thighs and buttocks while losing weight,
  • stepper - help you tone and strengthen the muscles of your lower body, including the gluteal muscles of the backside,
  • atlas – for those who want to build their muscle,
  • dumbbells - with dumbbells you can build mass in all the major muscle groups in the arms, which include the biceps, triceps and shoulders.

With our equipment you can perform full-body workout.

The gym is available for our Guests 7 days a week / 24h

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