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Pets in the hotel

Hotel LOFT 1898 in Suwałki as a small hotel facility gives the possibility of accommodation with their pets. Dogs or cats or other pets are welcome and feel at home.

To make your stay as unique as your stay, we have prepared a number of facilities for them, such as:

- two bowls in the room, for food and water
- dry food
- den

To ensure you and your pets a comfortable stay, please read and apply to the regulations.

The owner of the animal is required to obtain the animal's stay permit at the Hotel when booking at the Hotel. The consent of the animal to stay in the hotel is issued by the Hotel Management or the person authorized by it, guided by the safety and comfort of the other guests of the Hotel, the technical conditions of the Hotel and the interest of the Hotel.
Only pets are allowed in the hotel. In particular, the hotel has the right to refuse to accept animals commonly regarded as dangerous or aggressive, including: reptiles, arachnids and dogs of the breed: American pit bull terrier, Dog of Majorca, American Bulldog, Argentine dog, Canary dog, Tosa, Rottweiler, Akbash dog, Anatolian Karabash, Moscow Watchman, Caucasian Shepherd (Regulation of the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration of 28 April 2003 on the list of dog breeds considered aggressive).
The owner of the animal is required to have a valid immunization book and show it at the request of the staff.
Animals should be brought under the care and supervision of the owner or authorized person in a way that prevents them from escaping, destroying the Hotel's property or causing a threat to other people and animals on the premises of the Hotel. Dogs should be led on a leash and in a muzzle.
It is forbidden to introduce animals to food and recreation points.
All damages to the property of the hotel or other guests caused by the animals will be valued by the Hotel Management and their costs will be borne by the owners of the animals.
Dog owners are obliged to clean up the dirt left by dogs in the area and around the hotel. Cat owners must have a sand box and empty it into a plastic bag, which will then be thrown into a container indicated by an employee of the Hotel.
In the event that the employees of the Hotel have reasonable suspicions that they will be left behind in the room the animal disturbs the stay of other guests, destroys the property of the Hotel, or may cause a threat to themselves or other guests, the Hotel Management will try to contact the owner to solve the problem. When contact is impossible, the Hotel reserves the right to enter staff in the guest room as well with possible help from appropriate services and removal of the animal from the Hotel. All costs resulting from the above activities are covered by the owner of the animal.
Cleaning of the room in which the animal is staying is only carried out during the presence of the owner. Please contact the Reception in order to arrange the cleaning time.
The cost of an animal's stay is specified in the price list of hotel services and is PLN 85 / day

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